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Testimonials from Families

"For us, the service is a godsend... We know that [our daughter] cannot be part of the scheme for much longer, but the time she has had has been amazing. She looks forward to her visits and all the team know her well which is important and makes her feel that she is safe and happy. What your team do is incredible."

"Nova plays an important part in our life. Me as a single mother, this service offers me some time to rest, catch up with paperwork or housework etc. For my son, it helps him to socialise, communication and interaction. He has a great time. I feel relaxed because I know he is in a happy and safe place with friendly staff."

"Nova has been a lifesaver over the last year. It has been the only provision of socialisation I have felt confident enough to use since the pandemic. They have been rigorous and vigilant in their COVID procedures and I have every confidence in them to provide a safe environment for our young people....I can't overstate how grateful we have been for these opportunities for our daughter to socialise in a safe and thoughtful way. The staff are warm and compassionate and my duaghter looks forward to seeing them as much as her peers. They are absolutely wonderful. I really can't tell you how much it has meant to us to have Nova in our lives!"

"Nova is the most amazing project and group of people. They have really gone beyond expectations;; always positive, mindful of covid safety, reliable and fun. They offer activities for all abilities and thanks to their efforts out son enjoys meetings other young people regularly, supported by a friendly Nova staff member who looks after him and keeps him safe. The planning of activities and communication with parents is very professional and well coordinated. We are very impressed and so grateful to the team."

"Nova enables us to have the worry-free respite that we desperately need. Our daughter loves going there, the staff are wonderful and extremely experienced and the settings and activities are perfect for her."

"Our daughter loves Nova and is always so excited to attend. She has fun in a very safe environment with staff who support her completely. She comes away from Nova Club very happy and calm. All her needs are met there and it gives us much needed respite for a few hours,"

"Nova Children's Project has been an absolutely amazing service for my child and the family. It gives the family a much needed break from the full on ADHD symptoms of my eldest son, gives us time to focus on the youngest on his own for a while. It gives me time to reset my brain and relax for a few hours, or even get some housework done without "help"!

My son adores coming to "club", he has a fantastic time and always goes in and comes out smiling, he has severe anxiety so for him to be so happy to attend this setting is a testament in itself. The staff are fantastic and it is one of the few clubs that will take my son as he is doubly incontinent."

"My daughter has attended Nova Children's Project over the last few years. It has been an amazing experience for her and us as her parents. The staff are friendly, professional and keep us so well informed about the service and feedback about [our daughter]'s time with them, as a parent it can be hard to hand over the responsibility but I fully trust Nova, they are so professional."

"Our son is profoundly autistic with severe learning difficulties. Nova is the only club he can attend which meets his needs. It allows him the chance to socialise outside school in a familiar and safe environment. It is absolutely key to his development as it allows him to gain vital independence skills and interact with staff. It also allows us the chance to do things which we can't do when [our son] is around - such as clean the house or take our daughter out. [Our son] loves Nova and will ask to go so he definitely has a lot of fun. 

Thank you for providing such a fantastic service...your services make such a positive difference to our family."

"Thank you for enabling [my child] the time to spend with you having fun. You really understand him and I am grateful you believed in him and kept this going even through difficult times. He is so happy now and loves coming to see you. Thank you."

"Our journey so far, as with so many other families with SEN youngsters has been extraordinarily difficult at times so to have had the offer of respite from the amazing Nova team three years ago has given us utter relief, pleasure and support. Our girls find any change a huge challenge, but due to the right environment and brilliant staff, it didn't take long for our girls to enjoy their sessions. Even to the point whereby the girls look forward to them, which is a very very rare thing."

"On collecting [my child] at the end of a session, he is always smiling and happy! A sign of a happy and contented child has to be down to the key elements of the activities he has done and the support he has received."

"Staff are fantastic, always supportive of our daughter and us as a family. It's been a true lifeline for us."

"Nova do a fantastic job and are a real lifeline."

"We are extremely grateful to and thankful of the Nova Team who are making a huge difference to ours and our son's lives."

"Nova Children's Project is enthusiastically run and is hugely enjoyed by my daughter. I appreciate the kind and helpful staff and am pleased that my daughter is happy there."

"As a mother with two children with additional needs, the club is a lifesaver. I'm able to concentrate on one without having to juggle the two!"

"It is fantastic. Staff are great, so welcoming to the parents and caring to the children."

"The quality of what is on offer (staff, venue etc) is exceptional."

"[My child] loves coming, the activities are appropriate and varied, the staff are fantastic. We feel that she is really understood and catered for individually by Nova, not just babysat."

"You provide an extremely valuable service to us parents of disabled children. Otherwise many of us do not get a break at all. Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Nova."

"Thank you to everyone at Nova for your work with [our child] this year. She is so happy when we tell her club is on that she jumps up and down!"

"We are very grateful that we have access to Nova's services, they make a huge difference to our quality of life as a family and to [our child]'s quality of life as an individual."

"Nova do a wonderful job and provide a safe environment for my child and a much needed break for the family."

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